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Text [A Letter by Dora Marsden] Marsden, Dora 1912
Text [Against Sentimental Feminism] Marsden, Dora 1911
Text [Bryher to H. D. ; On Nazi Germany and Freud, 1933] Bryher (Winifred Ellerman) 1933
Text [Bryher to H.D., On Helping Dorothy Richardson, 1932] Bryher (Winifred Ellerman) 1932
Text [Bryher to H.D.; On Nazi Germany, 1931-1933] Bryher (Winifred Ellerman) 1932
Text [Bryher to H.D.; On Nazi Germany, 1931-1933] Bryher (Winifred Ellerman) 1933
Text [from Anarchism and Other Essays; Emma Goldman on Emancipation] Goldman, Emma 1910
Text [from Anarchism and Other Essays; Emma Goldman on Love] Goldman, Emma 1910
Text [from Anarchism and Other Essays; Emma Goldman on Marriage] Goldman, Emma 1910
Text [from Anarchism and Other Essays; Emma Goldman on Woman's Emancipation and Emotion] Goldman, Emma 1910
Text [from Biscuits! II] Scott, K. D. 1912
Text [from Biscuits!] Scott, K. D. 1912
Text [from Civil War] Marsden, Dora 1911
Text [from Ezra Pound and Margaret Cravens. A Tragic Friendship 1910-1912] Pound, Ezra 1988
Text [From Networking Women: A Research Project and a Proposal for an Analysis of Culture] Camboni, Marina 2002-03-25
Text [from Notes of the Week] unidentified 1911
Text [from Women as World Builders; Floyd Dell on Evolutionary Science and Feminism] Dell, Floyd 1913
Text [from Women as World Builders; Floyd Dell on Men and Feminism] Dell, Floyd 1913
Text [Gawthorpe to Marsden] Gawthorpe, Mary 1912
Text [Handwritten Review of Zangwill's The Melting Pot by Margaret Storm Jameson] Storm Jameson, Margaret date unknown
Text [Leatham to the Editors of the Freewoman, 7 Dec. 1911] Leatham, Isabel 1911
Physical Object [Margaret Cravens' Tomb] Hoggath, Ruth 2000
Text [Meyer to the Editors of The Freewoman, 7 Dec. 1911] Meyer, Adele 1911
Text [Notes on Art; Wollstonecraft, Our Pioneer Freewoman] unidentified 1911
Image [Portrait of May Sinclair] unidentified date unknown
Text [Removal Bill] Pankhurst, Richard 1871
Text [Removal Bill] Pankhurst, Sylvia 1871
Text [Review of a Booklet on Otto Weininger]
Text [Review on Abortion]
Text [Review on Pearl Buck]
Text [Sex War] Heape, Walter 1913
Text [Spinsters in the Making. Types I. The College Woman] Hamilton, Helen 1911
Text [Suffragist Art of Ritual] Holtby, Winifred 1935
Text [Suffragist Violence] Woolf, Virginia 1938
Text [The Case for Divorce Law Reform] Haynes, Edmund Sidney Pollock 1912
Text [The Editors' Reply, on Sentimentalism and Women's Movement]
Text [The Egoist Circulation List] 1923
Text [The Penal Reform League on the Cat and Mouse Act] date unknown
Text [The Woman Problem] name list 1969
Text [To the Editors of The Freewoman, 1 Nov. 1912] unidentified 1912
Text [To the Editors of the Freewoman, 25 Jan. 1912] Hunt, Chas F. 1912
Text [To the Editors of The Freewoman, 7 Dec. 1911] Nelson, Muriel 1911
Text [To the Editors of The Freewoman, Boord on the Woman's Sphere and Women's Individual Differences]
Text [To the Editors of The Freewoman, On Civil War]
Text [To The Editors of the Freewoman; Nelson Murray on Women's Weakness]
Text [To the Editors of The Freewoman; Watson on Super-Women]
Text [Typewritten List of Opinions on The Freewoman and The New Freewoman] 1913
Text [Voting as a Protection for Bondswomen] Marsden, Dora 1911-11-23
Image [Women’s Suffrage Meeting] 1911
Text [Women's Municipal Lodging Houses]
Text A Matter of Taste 1912
Text An American Critic of Social Values Willcocks, M. P. 1912
Text An Inner Feminism Marsden, Dora
Text Anarchia, arte e necessità della vita in due riviste americane di primo Novecento 2000
Text Another Way of Spinsterhood
Text Answer Marson, Una
Text Art Nouveau in Fin-de-Siècle France 1989
Text At the half-way house
Text Aus der Frauenbewegung
Text Before the Vote Was Won: Arguments for and Against Women 1987
Text Better Red.The Writing and Resistance of Tillie Olsen and Meridel LeSueur
Text Bianco rosa e verde. Scrittrici a Trieste fra '800 e '900
Image Brush Self Portrait 1938
Dataset By Popular Demand Votes for Women Suffrage Pictures, 1850-1920 Library of Congress 1998
Text Certificat de travail de Mme Germaine DULAC de France Actualités Gaumont - GD 4308 / 4310 Jay, Jean 1941
Text Come si fa a fare propaganda unidentified 1918
Text Connecting Links: The British and American Woman Suffrage Movements, 1900-1914 2000
Text Constitution of Equal Rights International
Text Continuous performance. The film gone male.
Text Contradictory (W)omens? — Gender Consciousness in the Poetry of Una Marson
Text Co-operative Housekeeping and the Domestic Worker
Text Correspondence; The Original Impulse
Text De-Riddling Tillie Olsen's Writings
Text Divorce Sinclair, Upton 1912
Text Du sentiment à la ligne - GD 13?? Dulac, Germaine unknown
Text Emma Goldman at the Fine Arts Theater
Image Emma Goldman on a Street Car 1917
Text English Novels
Text Film Problems of Soviet Russia Potamkin, Harry A. 1930
Text Film Problems of Soviet Russia Potamkin, Harry A. 1930
Text Folly Marson, Una
Text Fortschritte der Frauen in Amerika
Text Heights and Depths. Poems
Text Honourable Estate Brittain, Vera 1936
Text I Hear Men Talking and Other Stories
Text I Want You Women Up North To Know Olsen, Tillie
Text Il 'Child Study Movement' negli Stati Uniti d'America Bernardy, Amy A. 1900
Text Il meraviglioso progresso del femminismo unidentified 1918
Text Illusion Marson, Una
Text Independent Women: Work and Community for Single Women, 1850-1920
Event International Woman Suffrage Congress (June 15-20, 1913), Budapest
Text Katechismus der Frauenbewegung Troll-Borostyàni, Irma von
Text La guerra illustrata unidentified 1917
Image La Tribuna Illustrata, June, 30, 1918 unidentified 1918
Text Labor & Desire. Women's Revolutionary Fiction in Depression America
Image Le Trajet Brooks, Romaine 1911
Text Living My Life Goldman, Emma 1931
Text Man at Home Johnson, Fanny 1911
Image Mary Gawthorpe date unknown
Text May Sinclair: A Modern Victorian
Image Militants
Text Modesty
Text Motherhood in Freedom Harman, Moses 1900
Text Mr. Asquith Will Die
Text Mr. McKenna and Forcible Feeding
Text Mr. McKenna and Forcible Feeding
Text Mr. McKenna and Forcible Feeding
Text Nina Hamnett 1890-1956 Collins, Judith 1989
Text Not You I Weep For 1931
Text Pass the Bill
Text Platonic Marson, Una
Text Political Offenders
Text Political Offenders I Marsden, Dora 1912
Text Political Offenders II Gawthorpe, Mary 1912
Image Portrait de Germaine Dulac - GD 4429 unidentified unknown
Image Portrait de Germaine Dulac - GD 4430 unidentified 1929
Text Protest and Possibility in the Writing of Tillie Olsen
Text Quelques portraits-sonnet de femmes 1900
Text Question Marson, Una
Text Review of Geschlecht und Character by Otto Weininger
Text Review of The Rainbow by D.H. Lawrence Carswell, Catherine Mcfarlane 1918-11-04
Text Rich and Strange: Gender, History, Modernism 1991
Text Rise Up, Women: The Militant Campaign of the Women’s Social and Political Union, 1903-1914
Text Salute to Spring
Text Self-conscious feminism Marsden, Dora
Text Sex Antagonism Heape, Walter
Text Shoulder to Shoulder
Text Silences
Text Sir Almoth Wright on Militant Hysteria
Text Speculations on Sex War
Text Subversive Intent. Gender Politics, and the Avant-Garde
Image Suffragettes Attacking the House of Commons 1911
Text Summer Will Show Townsend Warner, Sylvia 1936
Image Tell Me A Riddle
Text Tell Me A Riddle
Text Tell Me A Riddle
Text Tertium Quid
Text The Amazon of Letters-51-52 Wickes, George 1976
Text The Amazon of Letters-58 Wickes, George 1976
Text The British Women's Suffrage Campaign, 1866-1928 1998
Image The Cat and Mouse Act unidentified 1913
Text The Cause: A Short History of the Women’s Movement in Great Britain unidentified 1923
Text The cinema and the classics I Beauty
Text The Critical Response to Tillie Olsen
Text The Editor's Reply
Text The Freewoman [Marsden on the change of the paper's sub-title]
Text The Girl
Text The Gospel According to Shaw
Image The Haunted House unidentified 1913
Text The Human Minority
Text The Hunger-Strike
Text The Little Review Anthology Anderson, Margaret C.
Text The New Morality II Marsden, Dora 1911
Text The One Who Is Legion Barney, Natalie Clifford 1930
Text The Prevention of Venereal Disease
Text The Prison: A Sketch unidentified 1911
Text The Sacrifice of the Militant Davison, Emily Wilding 1914
Text The Sheltered Life
Text The Spectacle of Women: Imagery of the Suffrage Campaign, 1907-1914 1988
Text The Spinster 1911
Text The Splendid Criminal
Text The Struggle for Women's Rights: Theoretical and Historical Sources 1998
Text The Suffrage Movement Pankhurst, Sylvia 1931
Text The Suffrage Reader: Charting Directions in British Suffrage History 2000
Text The Thinking Reed West, Rebecca 1936
Text The Woman Offender
Text The Women's Suffrage Movement in Britain, 1866-1928 1999
Text The Women's Suffrage Movement: New Feminist Perspectives 1998
Text Theatre 1935-09
Text Thousand-Dollar Vagrant
Text Tillie Olsen
Text Tillie Olsen
Text Tillie Olsen and a Feminist Spiritual Vision
Text Tillie Olsen. A Study of the Short Fiction
Text To the Editors of The Freewoman
Text To the Women's Social and Political Union
Text Tornino le donne alle opere femminili unidentified 1918
Text Uranians
Text Uranians II
Text We Sing Our Struggle : a Tribute For Us All For Meridel Le Sueur
Text Wege und Ziele der Frauenbewegung
Text Woman and the Revolution
Text Woman Suffrage Goldman, Emma
Text Woman, Education and Islam Duse Mohamed Ali 1911
Text Women and Economics in seiner Bedeutung für die Frauenbewegung
Text Women and Government
Text Women and Government Billington-Greig, Teresa 1911-12-21
Text Women and Scottsboro Rukeyser, Muriel date unknown
Text Women as world Builders: Studies in Modern Feminism Dell, Floyd
Text Women_artist_101 Stein, Gertrude 1937
Text Women_artist_54 Barney, Natalie Clifford 1920
Party/Organization Women’s Social and Political Union unidentified 2001
Image Women’s Suffrage March and Mass Meeting unidentified 1911
Text Yonnondio: From the Thirties Olsen, Tillie 1932
Text Zur Kritik der Weiblichkeit by Rosa Mayreder